Servicing Information

Pneumatic Pump Servicing

Using outside contractors to lift service and replace pumps can be very expensive and self servicing you own pumps is time consuming and requires an expert who knows all the issues with pneumatics.

We offer a service return package which will reduce your pump servicing costs. By using your site techs to recover the pumps from the wells , we can arrange site collection to return to Cygnet workshops for a full strip down and rebuild service. By servicing this way the cost can be as little as £60* per pump.
We can extend this service to all types of pneumatic borehole pumps.
If so arranged ,we can also offer a service exchange package. We will keep a number of your pumps in serviced readiness in our stores to be dispatch to any of your sites ready for your team to simply swap out the pumps at the well side. The recovered units are returned to us for servicing and to hold on standby for the next service swap.

Pneumatic Pump Parts and self servicing

If you have confidence in your own team servicing your pumps , we can offer you help to set this up. We can design and build an in house servicing lab complete with testing , descale and drying bays. Finally , of course , as manufacturers we can offer best rates for all parts , fittings and ancillary items for your pumps , wells and pump systems.

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