Workshops, Canteens and Storage

Workshops , Canteens and storage

Highly secure site storage is often required in large sites where tresspass and vandalism is a problem. Our fabricators are not only skilled in Plastic fabrication but are also qualified and skilled in fabrication with metal and wood . Using these skills we are able  to transform ordinary shipping containers into secure site workshops, storage units, canteens and compressor houses.

Units are generally built to client requirements and are often fully  insulated  and plywood lined. Heating , strip lighting and electrics can be installed to suit and may even be fitted out with heavy duty shelving or workbenches. Additional doors and windows can also be included to transform these units into  robust secure but comfortable site canteens or offices.


For more information on our water, leachate and chemical storage tanks or our other Products and Services including: HDPE fabrication, Pneumatic Landfill Pumps and HDPE water tanks, stormwater attenuation tanks, wellheads, or knock out pots please contact us via the form on our contact page or telephone Gary Edwards on 01492518718.