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Shaft Boots

In Spring 2010 Cygnet evolved a design for an HDPE capping boot to be installed around gas and leachate wells.

The boot effectively prevents air ingress and LFG migration from the area around the well. Existing alternative systems such as “top Hat “ designs incorporate the use of a flexible rubber coupler that requires tightening around the well to create a seal. Experiences have proven that this type of design can cause problems during the waste settlement by the flexible coupler being either too tight, thereby tearing the cap or disengaging with the top hat.

Cygnets unique sliding boot design incorporates a tripple neoprene collar which provides a friction seal against the well. The collar is secured between bolted PE flanges. A skirt of liner is extrusion welded above the top flange, this enables fitting into a plastic cap. The outer shield incorporates a top and Bottom scraping cone. These cones keep debris from fouling the seal.

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