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HDPE fabrications &
bespoke solutions

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Customer satisfaction, quality
and innovation are essential

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Cost effective solutions,
efficiently engineered


Cygnet Fabrications:

HDPE Tanks, Chambers, Vessels and Fabrications for Civil Engineering,  Waste Water, Chemical, Aquaculture, Construction and Landfill Industries Manufacture and supply of Pneumatic borehole pumps for groundwater, Leachate and Condensate abstraction.

At Cygnet we believe that customer satisfaction, quality and innovation are essential to longevity of business. We endeavour to engineer solutions to present cost effective, efficient and practical products that not only meet with our client’s requirements, but exceed their expectations.

Working together

We believe in working partnerships. We offer to work with our clients in the process of evolving their design. This collaboration typically results in completed fabrications which are improved  in terms of practicality and cost effectiveness.

Industries we serve:

  • Civil Engineering: Prefabricated Catch-pits, Pump Stations, Manholes, Draw-pits, Ducts, Culverts
  • Waste Water: Flow control chambers, storm attenuation, filtration and separation tanks and chambers
  • Chemical: Treatment tanks , dosing vessels, pipe systems, chemical containment
  • Aquaculture: pipe control systems, holding/ breeding tanks,
  • Construction: rainwater harvesting tanks, settlement tanks, underground storage tanks.
  • Landfill: Gas manifolds, well enclosures, Valve chambers, knock out pots wellheads, telescopic shafts and wellheads, signage.
  • Pumps; Cygnet pneumatic borehole pump range for groundwater, leachate and condensate abstraction.



For more Information on our Products and Services including HDPE fabrication, Pneumatic Landfill Pumps and HDPE water tanks, stormwater attenuation tanks, wellheads, knock out pots please contact us.