“Collaborating with Cygnet over the years has proven very productive. It is not just the assurance that a high standard of the work will be delivered, but its pragmatic, problem solving, attitude has been a positive contributor in achieving our technical goals.”

Duarte Tito, Technical Director


“We have a developed a great relationship with Cygnet over the years and they are a fantastic company to work with. From pumps to fabrications we have bought many products from them. Gary has a wealth of knowledge within the sector and can offer a solution to most problems encountered.”

Luke Kelly, Director


“We have worked with Cygnet for a number of years in various capacities and regularly use a range of their products. Whether it be standard products or bespoke fabrications the service is always excellent and prices competitive.“

Matt Gaunt, Projects & Business Development Manager


Cygnet Capabilities: Each fabrications project we tackle is unique.

Over many years. we’ve designed our business, team and processes to maximise our results and your satisfaction.

We Work in Partnership 

As industry leaders in bespoke plastic fabrications for the water treatment, civil engineering, energy and landfill industries we’ve taken time to understand our clients and their needs to ensure they have both a product solution which perfectly answers their requirements and a way of working which promotes technical excellence whilst putting you at the heart of your project.

We Deliver on Your Vision

No idea is a bad one and a first thought can always be built on, at Cygnet we have the capabilities to build your ideas. Our expertise is due to our wealth of experience tackling flow control chamber, vortex control and separation chamber water containment challenges. We have experts across the team in design, engineering and manufacturing who come together to plan, strategise and produce the reality of your idea. Our 1650m2 site handles chambers up to 3m diameter, 12m long in size, using the latest kit, compromising large scale CNC machines, 5 pipe butt fusion machines, a sheet butt fuser, bandsaws , table saws, lifting hoist, extruders, socket welders, pillar drills and a pump testing bay alongside deploying, qualified specialist skillsets, including rod welding, pipe welding, butt fusion, electrofusion, extrusion welding, socket welding, hot gas welding,  mig welding, tig welding, CNC machining, pump servicing and building.

We Start with Pencil and Paper

For customers without their own designs, we provide engineering solutions for as yet unsolved problems so detailed drawings are not always immediately available. We adapt our project plan to suit you and are equally happy with a rough sketch outlining the problem with your idea on how to solve it and how it may interact with other site components as we are with a comprehensive plan. Right from the start our approach is to visualise the product, define its purpose and start to outline the key requirements so the solution proposed is robust and fit for purpose each time.

We Take Our Time

How long does product development take? We don’t force clients into a 1-, 2-, 3- or even 4-step process. Each project is different and should be treated so. Our experience dictates time spent in the development phase is time spent well. The pace is dictated by our customer, but we don’t cut corners, preferring to allow the design to evolve from that initial concept to a fully formed prototype over several sessions allowing time for thought, discourse and refinement focusing on the stresses the product will need to withstand and how they impact on construction and material choices.

We Use The Best Tools and People For The Job

All our design and manufacturing is completed in house. From agreeing the production estimate and timeframe to deliver, to prototyping and ultimately into production, our systems support working with our clients to adapt and respond as required. We have full traceability with a fabrication specialist assigned ownership of the project who also inputs into the design ensuring it’s fit for purpose, particularly focusing on and ensuring ease of install. We work with HDPE and HDPP plastics due to their breadth of application in the main supported with metal work when relevant. Custom materials can be sourced and handled as appropriate.

We Manage Your Project

Projects aren’t static, they evolve with time, input, energy and ideas. Expectations at project definition stage may not always be realistic. At all times, we keep you and your team fully informed to reduce the risk of the project being derailed. We have the know-how how to keep a project on track, when to apply or not apply value engineering capabilities and when to apply a fresh pair of eyes to consider new challenges as they present.

We Are Here to Answer Your Call

We’re passionate about what we do. We relish the challenges our clients bring to us and we have the capabilites to make them work – there is no idea we won’t consider and if we’re not the right partner, we’ll let you know. From never been done before designs to repeat orders, we’re your bespoke fabrications partner for the wastewater, civils, energy and landfill industries and are waiting for your call.