About Cygnet Plastic Fabrications

We’re Cygnet Plastic Fabrications and we’ll find a solution to your complex civil engineering water treatment challenge. Having earned our reputation solving some of the hardest water-tight landfill challenges with our own designs, nowadays you’re most likely to find us working on solutions for the water treatment, civil engineering, oil & gas or aquaculture & marine industries.

Supporting Contractors with Plastic Fabrication Solutions

Seeing a market gap in 2009, Gary invested in a single workshop and a team of 4 to support contractors with plastic fabrication solutions for hard to solve problems. With an ethos of time well spent on a job well done, Gary and his now team of 12 still approach each and every job in the same way. The workshop has grown from 1 to 5, with investments continuing to be made in people, infrastructure and cutting-edge kit, including a large scale CNC, to reduce waste.

Our Systems are Built to Last

We pride ourselves on our efficiency of design. We engineer to ensure there are minimal off-cuts, seeking to repurpose materials rather than recycle. We use HDPE offering both longevity of the final product, but also recyclability should systems be changed…. many, many years down the line. Our systems are built to last and are delivered finished to site allowing for ease of install whoever the labour force on site.

Each and every project is completed in-house. Visiting the workshop you get to see the real Cygnet – a well-oiled machine with each team member playing a critical role to deliver a job well done for customer and a job well done for Cygnet.

Fabrications from Cygnet for Geo2

“Gary, Chris and their team have been a pleasure to work with, they have taken a realistic and collaborative approach to our crazy ideas. We have benefited from their expert input and changed designs to suit. Quality is consistently high and they have frequently exceeded our expectations.“

Mark Swindells, Director