HDPE Chambers, Catchpits & Manholes

HDPE  Chambers, Catchpits and Manholes

Concrete Valve chambers, catch pits, flow control  terminals, access manholes etc  require staged construction, utilising specific equipment and various trade skills, In addition works have to be sequentially programmed over a number of days and invariably involve complex and unnecessary H&S issues sometime including confined space consideration.

HDPE chambers are prefabricated to clients specific requirement, fully seamed welded and tested , simple connection via mechanical or electro-fusion jointing onto pipe lines will give a completely sealed and integrated system.

HDPE units can be used in situations where full traffic loading is anticipated. In addition unlike concrete rings, a full height poured concrete surround is usually unnecessary.

Leakage through burst ,brittle and unyielding pipes  cause  billions of litres of water lost EVERY DAY in the UK. HDPE pipes fused to HDPE chambers significantly reduce wastage and cost.



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